I’m Joshua Alexander, and I get paid to say stuff.

Who are my clients?  4Ocean.  Nutrisystem.  Cadillac.  Wrangler.  Unicef.  John Deere.  Microsoft.  Villa Frizzoni.  Perfect Potatoes.  Sandvik.  Turtle Journal.  Das Abra.  Virtual Field Trips Ltd.  Ecolab.  Bona.  Anderson Windows.  Oxford Financial Publishing.  Fire.  Union Gospel Mission.  Local360.  Johnson Controls.  Nellson.  Neocore Games.  Christian Vision.

What a list!  SOOOOOOOOOO many clients, the list goes on and on and continues to grow.  I am SO thrilled and proud to partner with so many great agencies and companies and lend my voice to such incredible video production and marketing campaigns…of course, from the very beginning, all I see are words on a paper.  Just a script.  I never EVER know what it’s going to really look like in the end.  It’s crazy!  I can envision it, but I’m usually far wide of the mark.  Ultimately, when I see that finished video and I see what they were able to produce with vivid imagery and my vocals, I’m just left spellbound, and they have to scrape my jaw off the floor.  Some of them have turned me into a puddle and rendered me inoperative!  They’ve disassembled me!  It is SUCH a rich privilege when I get to see the finished works that I was privileged enough to be able to lend my voice to.  And these are some great names above, but they are representative of only a small fraction of the large number of clients I’ve been able to serve.  It’s been such a thrill being able to provide voiceovers and partner with so many great and insanely talented people.  I mean it.

Memories. I remember my very first major paying client was Dale Petersen with Virtual Field Trips Ltd.  I was like “holy cow, it actually works. I’ve actually been hired.”  I couldn’t believe it!  Off I went!  I was thrilled to be able to partner with Dale on such a unique experience: a virtual field trip through Rome!  It was awe-inspiring, it was jovial, it was fun, it was uplifting, and it was so rewarding in the end!  To see what she was able to produce, and to have my voice in there…wow…what an experience.

What variety! Each one of them, from recording at home or recording at a partnering studio…from voicing it myself or partnering with other great talented folks….it’s been incredible.  Just incredible.  I thank God and Jesus for blessing me with a voice, with experience, with training, with opportunities to use my voice and gifts in the past in ways similar to what I do now, in order to craft me, give me confidence, help me perfect my skills, and really just hone in on my vision and get me to the level I am today.  Gratitude is a hallmark of our home, for sure, and MAN am I grateful.

So where am I based?  Well, I live in Seattle, but my voice talent work takes me FAR beyond Seattle.  Voice acting has taken me to Israel. Egypt. The UK.  Australia. Russia. Jamaica. Scotland. Canada. The UAE.  It’s CRAZY!!!  I thought I was going to be developing work right here in Seattle but to know that there may be Cadillac commercials playing in the UAE….or to know that I might be in an international 4Ocean commercial right now all over the world….or on national TV for Nutrisystem….I’m not limited to Seattle!  Voiceovers have taken me WELL beyond my reach and scope, and it’s a global pursuit that is just unending and fulfilling all the way.

I had time to write a little bit about what I do, so I thought I’d do that. I’m Joshua Alexander, Seattle Voice Talent who gets paid to say stuff, and I approve this message.

Joshua Alexander
Seattle Voiceover Artist / Voice Talent / Voice Actor for hire