What’s your studio lighting environment like?  Got enough light?  Use Skype?  Use ISDN?  On a stool, or standing?  Headset on both ears, or one?  Do you need reader glasses for your scripts?  Reading on an iPad?  Printouts?  Got foam files?  Acoustic blankets?  How is it treated?  How do you best deliver your auditions and projects to your clients in that wonderful little room of yours?  So much to do to make it perfect!  As for me, mine’s up and running but I find that I need new glasses!  My existing ones just aren’t cutting it anymore, so I’ve been trying Reader glasses after Reader glasses from Walgreen’s (one at a time though; I don’t just wear them all together ha!) and nothing seems to work quite as ideally as I’d like.  So it’s about time for a change of lenses.  But it’s so great hopping in the saddle and churning out those projects!  Let me know how your environment is running and we can share tips!

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Seattle Voiceover Artist / Seattle Voice Talent for hire