Congrats!  You received a thumbs up!  Your audition was favorited!  You made it to the shortlist!  You’re rescheduled for a re-read Callback!  YAY!!!

But does that mean that you’re going to get the job?  Well……uh…………..not really.  Your chances just went up that you’ll get it…but ultimately the proof’s in the pudding.  Roughly 1/3 of the jobs that I have been awarded that I’ve auditioned for did not favorite me or shortlist me.  Ultimately, the client may just be buzzing through auditions and not take the time to mark yours as a thumbs up just because of the short time crunch that they’re under to hire a talent.  They may love what you sent them and just go with you right away without the formality of tagging you with a like.  So don’t be discouraged!  Look at all those auditions that you’ve done and remember it’s a numbers game.  The numbers will pan out, even if the client doesn’t specifically tag you as a favorite.  Be of good cheer!  ***I*** like you!  Go get ’em, Cowboy. 🙂

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